2025 Student Success and Completion Plan

2025 KPI Target Adoption and Approval Process

2019年3月, 辛辛那提州 adopted the Student Success and Completion Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Targets below, with a goal of achieving these targets by 2025.

的se targets have been formally considered, 综述了, and approved by the College Board of Trustees and will be incorporated into the College’s 战略计划.

的 target goals are intended to be aggressive as well as realistic. 的 targets were established through a comprehensive process that involved input and feedback from the College’s Executive Team, the academic deans, 教师, and other College leaders.

Sources used included state and national comparative data (when available and applicable) and 辛辛那提州 trends. 除了, consideration was given to current and potential future resources needed to accomplish these goals.

EARLY INDICATORS (Based on Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters)

Average Credit Attempted24学分
Average Credit Earned18学分
Persistence Rate (Fall to Spring)73%
Retention Rate (Fall to Fall)53%
(% Graduated Within a Time Period)
2-Year Graduation Rate13%
3-Year Graduation Rate23%
4-Year Graduation Rate28%
5-Year Graduation Rate30%

2025 KPI Target Review and Implementation Process

的 College’s Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness uses  software to create workbooks that provide data to the College regarding KPIs and other success measures. 表 Workbooks are shared via the College intranet.

的 Student Success and Completion KPI Workbook allows members of the College community to view the KPI Targets and thus create and implement strategies to achieve these targets by 2025.

的 Workbook also allows users to view segments of the student population to see past and current rates of success and corresponding trends for varied groups of students.

Viewing the current data emphasizes the need to comprehensively address student success and equity. 的 next step for the College is creating strategies, 行动, and processes to ensure the KPI Targets are met.

  • A primary activity will be review of the KPI Targets as a component of the Annual Academic System Review process each October. This annual iterative review of targets, progress, and plans takes into account feedback, 行动, and successes of faculty, 管理员, 工作人员, as well as College leadership.
  • KPI Targets and implementation strategies also will be incorporated into and aligned with the College’s Student Success and Completion Plan.
  • 的 Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness will update this Workbook as new data is available and will help coordinate data review, 讨论, and follow-up 行动. Data review and 讨论 activities will generally correspond with the annual Program Review process.
  • Efforts will be made to document 行动 taken throughout the College to accomplish the KPI Targets– including why the 行动 were taken– to ensure that the College continuously reviews and learns from these 行动.

It is important to note that the KPI Targets may be adjusted or adapted as future demands and challenges require. 的 annual review processes will include review and 讨论 of potential adjustments to the KPI Targets.

2020-2025 战略计划

的 2020-2025 战略计划 is about focus and action based on the college’s 任务, 愿景, & 值.

Read the 战略计划