Student success is our priority and to help students succeed, we use an online tool called Starfish Retention Solutions. Starfish is an early alert system for problems, and a convenient way for advisors, instructors, and other College personnel to communicate directly with students.

We’ve seen that students who receive feedback early in the semester regarding their progress are more likely to seek assistance and support when needed.

Features of Starfish include:

  • Sign up online for appointments with advisors, tutors, and many (but not all) course instructors
  • View support networks for your courses
  • Get messages that let you know how you’re doing in your classes, and how to get help when needed

Faculty Getting Started Guide

Student Getting Started Guide

Note for Non-Degree Seeking Students

Starfish will be available for Non-Degree Seeking Students once they are enrolled in a course. Once the course ends, the access is removed.

Access begins the week before the enrolled semester.

Advisors will not be listed in the Success Network section. For assistance with registration, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Videos for Students

Videos for Faculty and Staff